Love fuels the Soul


heart of the soul


Within our hearts
(The part that cares about things)
is a vast storage chamber for storing love.
Love fuels the soul.
The very essence of who we are 
grows and becomes more when
we give and receive love.

“How full is your heart’s storage chamber?”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013



About Penny L Howe

curiouser...and curiouser....!
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6 Responses to Love fuels the Soul

  1. Alastair says:

    Mine expands the more I get 🙂

    • Penny L Howe says:

      Me too dear friend! 🙂

      • Alastair says:

        Sometimes I do wonder if it shrinks just as fast though when you see right through someone. Oh well, at least my eyes are open

      • Penny L Howe says:

        Everyone has faults (shortcomings) all of us. However, sometimes those we meet aren’t looking for love but for some kind of connection/hold because they don’t know how to love. It doesn’t take long to determine the difference. Love of self is the best protector from those who prey. They can’t reach what is already secure! There are very good people out there too Alastair, I promise! 🙂 xx

      • Alastair says:

        Maybe an email would be better at this point, I try not to take up too much of this blog space as I know you like to keep it brief. I would understand if you wanted to clear the messages 🙂 (I’ll save them first though)

Thank you, in advance, for the briefness of your comment.!

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